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Darlene Presto Dech

Thanks, celestina. I was thinking of using a screen to sift the soil the best that I can.
description of keeping after new shoots to weaken a plant sounds like my battle with thistle. Like the liriope stolons, I am short but
relentless, so I will keep at it! Thanks for the help. :)

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I would not call it fun, celestina, but your method for removing rhizomatous plants is the same one I use. Some rhizomes are not as difficult as others, but if one wants to prevent a plant's return the extensive digging and screening are important. I made a large sieve using 2x4s to make a frame and attaching 1/2-inch hardware cloth. It's great when a low effort method works, but some projects require major effort and persistence.

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@mindshift When ever I do boring jobs, I put on the ear plugs and some fav tunes. This helps my mind set into a "gotcha" pattern which works nicely for me. I also think about how nice my garden will be once I get rid of those interlopers. Of course, everyone has their own method of dealing with things that "need to be done but don't wanna" syndrome.

My sieve is an old metal frame from a barrel. I, too use hardware cloth. Works like a charm - a couple shovel fulls at a time. And in time, ya get 'er done.

Now, I have about a 5' tall compost pile that is about 8' diameter. And it's June - temps are hitting 90s hot humid and occasionally a breeze. It's sweat city. I need to divide that pile so that I can start using all that good stuff. Now, dang - where did I put those ear plugs? :)

I haven't used those store bought chemicals in over 30 years. Yeah, it takes more effort to do it old school, but to me #1 satisfaction that I get it all; #2 with no chemicals leaching into my well water or gardens I know my veggies and fruits are a clean as they gonna get. #3 I avoid "glowing in the dark" with constant digestion of chemicals. After all, the body can only get rid of so much. #4 When my doc asks me if I exercise - I say "follow me around any day of the week and see if ya can keep up." I do save a fortune of $ and time by not going to a gym, nor buying a home treadmill. Now THAT is boring. :)

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