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Spray the front porch or call an exterminator. I have seen a couple of large brown spiders with skinny legs and a big round ball on their back. They hide in the ferns so I am always careful when I am around the plants. I am not really sure what the brown recluse looks like but I am not sure they are not of that variety. Caution I figure is the best advice to follow. I would NEVER sleep out on a porch without a screen or that has not been sprayed. I am not into bugs. They can do their thing and I will do mine. I am usually allergic to bites of any type of insect and have some sort of reaction. The more I have been into gardening, the more bites I have experienced. Ticks are our nemesis right now since we are surrounded by the woods. I have sprayed so much I imagine I will drop dead before the ticks will.

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Wow. Can I relate to that. We had fleasmany years ago and I was the only one bit so my husband didn't believe we had them, even though the hundreds of bites on me would seem to prove otherwise. I sprayed so much and so often I thought I would die from the fumes. We ended up thowing out carpets, mattresses, sofas, chairs. I cleaned every day to get rid of the eggs. Years later an occasional egg would hatch and cause trouble all over again, but never as bad as the first infestation. I treated our dog and cats for fleas and they slept in the basement from then on, but it was a nice, warm basement and they were very comfortable.

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Our deck with hanging daybed - love this place!


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