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Perfect timing for preparing and hosting guests. I just hosted family for my daughter's wedding and even though I thought I was prepared I could have used some of the additional great tips. Thank you for providing everything one should know making your guests comfortable.
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Etta Jones

I know this post is old, but I recently stayed with a friend in San Francisco and it was like she'd thought of everything. She left a sheet in the guest bedroom with short, sweet bullets of information including what time they normally wake up, that they were keeping the dog outside for our visit so there was no need to fear waking anyone; that we were welcome to anything in the fridge (even though she'd made us a snack basket). Also, on the desk in her guest room, she had a picture frame around her wifi password written in beautiful font. She had also planned out our weekend in 3 different ways, printed it out and asked us to choose one of the "packages" with a checkmark - so cute! All 3 options already included built-in alone time for both us and them, and a reassurance that we didn't have to keep strictly to any schedules. There was also a menu of what she was cooking for our stay, with a note that she was aware my hubby is vegetarian, so on the side dishes, no chicken broth or anything would be used. There was one night, she just ordered pizza (I'm sure she was exhausted), but because we knew it was coming, it didn't seem like a bummer at all. We ate pizza and watched some programs from their DVR. I can't wait to stay there again!

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Such a great article! I love when you flip the scenario and list what makes a good guest. I've experienced many bad guests lately and the few good ones I've encountered were truly an inspiration. The good hosts and good guests can really set the tone and raise the bar. Thanks for sharing!
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