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Marguerite Mastromatto

I would have loved a corner pantry. I have a townhouse with a small kitchen. It took me rears to remodel, take down a wall, and try to get more storage and function. There is an upper corner cabinet and lower Lazy Susan. I can deal with the Lazy Susan but it's a tight corner. The upper cabinet - so deep and a total waste of space. I need a step ladder to get anything out of it. A regular or corner pantry would have been a great idea. Not one kitchen designer even offered that option. They see a small kitchen and show no creativity. I so wish I could do the whole project all over again.

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This was our solution, and I'm very happy with it. Only one knob - because you wouldn't be able to open otherwise. Sorry - I don't know the degree hinge at the moment - but they allow the doors to open completely and sit flush - this way you have full access to the contents. No wood support bar in the center either - which also makes getting things in and out much easier. With a Lazy Susan or similar - what if a box of something spills, or a mouse gets back there and dies - how do you get in and clean those back corners? Also, there is STILL wasted space with the Susans, pull outs or corner drawers. This way, ALL OF THE CABINET is usable and accessible for use and cleaning. My kitchen is not big, so these doors were smaller than a regular cabinet door - but with larger doors - this would be even better. (the under cabinet shelf is an awesome addition as well!!!)

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Fun ideas -- wonderful article. I grew up with the lazy susan #2 in our house, and when I re-did my kitchen a few years back in my home, I went with lazy susan #1. LOVE THEM!!!


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