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Linda Ross

My house is my home and reflects our life - kids, grandchildren, travel, family history, objects we love that are beautiful or have good memories. I think decorators might call it clutter but I call it life. My house is my home and it’s not on display. That said, I do like it to be attractive and comfortable for living, so decor is important. My pet peeves are pillows added for decor and not for use and white upholstered furniture you can’t live on. I love the big giraffe shown earlier. I would like a giant flamingo.

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No. 6 who's eye level do you centre on mine at 5 ft my husbands close to 6ft ? I would love to have big picture but so expensive, not to mention finding one that my husband agree too.

No. 10 husband doesn't like change,

No. 2 No decluttering advice seem to deal with how to get the partner to cooperate, and not rescue items from the "leaving home pile" .

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11. Your tv position doesn't allow you to rearrange the furniture. :)!

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