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They do tend to get a bit perturbed when I recross my legs after awhile. Such selfish insolence!

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@dreamdoctor, you summed up the feline feelings for their human care givers! I actually laughed out loud:)! Kitties are truly creatures of comfort...but all jokes aside a lot can be learned from them. Love the pet features, and personalities that shine through, says so much about the families. Houzz gets to the Heart of homes with these post. Amazing how much people shine when they share about their babies 2 legs or 4!

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Mary - I still have some training to go - my spouse says I am their pet-in-training (course that describes her role with me as husband/pet too I suppose) - got woken up last night twice - figured out he wanted to go outside to do his business at 4AM! He dislikes the cat box - as It were I dislike cleaning it out. But when it is this cold I can't leave him out, but luckily since it is so cold he is not out there long. He is a big sweetie - he finally got our new adoptee cat to come down stairs and run around a bit after I asked him to (seriously - they are anything but dumb animals from my experience - they do like to pretend like they don't understand though).

I think that sums it up nicely. When I have client and they treat their pets well I know we will get along just fine.

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