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I think it all depends on where one lives as to heated floors. I heat my house perhaps 2 - maybe 3 months out of the year if it is an unusually cold winter. Most of the time it's above 60 into upper 90s so no heat is necessary. My floors are all patterned concrete. The only rug I have in the house is in the bathroom. I enjoy the cool floors and so do my doggies - all 5 of them. I also have slippers, so if it is a bit cooler and I don't have the heat on, then I put on my slippers. My dogs have their doggie beds, but most of the time, they enjoy laying in the sun or under the truck or porches which are all concrete. Truthfully in my neck of the woods, one wouldn't use heated floors enough in order to justify the expense. In the summer, I enjoy the cooler floors and walk barefoot all the time at night.

It's the same with fireplaces. Many folks in this area have either fake fireplaces (ie gas logs) or wood. Very few even use them unless it is unusually cold (below 40 deg F). A friend of mine used her fireplace the other day when it got down to 57. She laughed and said - well, it is fall and admitted to turning it off after an hour 'cause it got too hot in the room.

BTW, cold floors DO NOT CAUSE arthritis in dogs, but it will increase the inflammation and the pain from the inflammation in the joints of dogs who already have arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease in dogs and humans. Arthritis is a natural breakdown of tissue in the joints due to age, infection or injury as well as autoimmune disorder. Cold floors DO NOT CAUSE arthritis.

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Becky, how do I read your profile on House? I can just see first sentence.
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@Hansen: Click on the word 'more' - it's in green to the right of that first sentence....... now, if you really want to see Becky - click on her name above! LOL

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