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Endbullyingnow, I probably don't have as much music as you do, but I do pride myself in having that organized. We built our home, custom so I could specify things I wanted. I put in a bump out window in my living room, where all my music stuff is, where I have a built in window seat which I had our cabinet people build with file drawers underneath. There are 3 drawers, about the same size as those in a standard file cabinet, where I keep all my music organized by instrument and type of music. I taught piano lessons for a while so had to keep my piano music organized for that and just translated that to my and my children's instrumental and vocal music. All piano method books and beginner to early intermediate is in one drawer, with just enough space left for my Christmas music. All the rest of my piano and vocal are in another drawer, divided by classical, popular, and religious. The latter section has some flute and violin arrangements, as the flute can play those violin parts, along with their piano accompaniments. That drawer also holds my organ music, which I don't have a lot of so it all fits in one hanging file folder. The third drawer is where the rest of the instrumental music goes, along with a file holding the receipts and maintenance records for my piano and flute. I did have my kids keep their music that they weren't currently using in school in that drawer but it's just flute now that my kids are grown and I had them take their music along with their instruments. I have room now to stash a few items related to my instruments, like cleaning and polishing supplies for both the piano and flute, and a few small decor items, like candles.

I get not wanting to just throw out music. I don't think I could do that. I know I've seen music at my local thrift shops. If you can't find one in your area, maybe a school would take it? As for limiting my music, I just stay out of the music shops unless I have something specific I need or want new music for. But I can usually find something among the music I have to keep me challenged and occupied.

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I admire your gift for organizing. I appreciate the strategies and think I can implement some using an old filing cabinet. thank you.

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I'm pretty good at organizing, not so good at keeping organized. My biggest challenge is just putting things away when I'm done with them. I'm usually pretty good at that with my music but have to admit I have a stack on my piano that's getting a bit out of hand. Time to go through that and put away what I'm not currently working on. I think it's all piano and vocal. My music stand can hold only so much so my flute music gets put away more often.

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