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To me, my sleeping place is inherently private space. Pics 1 and 4 are beautiful, but I would not be comfortable in the many situations where someone comes in and my bed says hello.

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I think this is a case of "to each their own" and may vary with experience. I didn't mind the bed in my studio apartment at all. I'm an only kid, who had a master bedroom purloined from the apartment next door for my bedroom -- it was much larger than the average "kids" room and I spent many happy hours playing there as a child. Three out of four years in college I "scored" a double-room as a single (read: no roommate), so the trend continued. As an adult I continued to primarily "live" in the bedroom of my apartments, finally landing in a 525 square foot studio overlooking the park and the lake that remains my favorite apartment to this day. It was the biggest bedroom I had ever had(!), although I had both a couch and a double bed. I never used the couch -- it was more of a nod to company who preferred to sit there -- and still don't. My husband and I have a large two-bedroom apartment now, and we still ignore the living room in favor of hanging in the bedroom. Two years ago, the one-bedroom apartment next to my old studio came on the market -- we snatched it up and promptly knocked out both the kitchen wall AND the bedroom wall(!), making it essentially a 750 square foot studio with two uninterrupted walls of windows overlooking the park and the lake. Even my contractor said, "The bedroom wall has to go!"

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Sandra Quinn
Please show me some rooms with turquoise greys and whites

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