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Vaishali S

ems0216, thank you for your response and pictures of your kitchen. Your kitchen looks beautiful. I also like the back-splash--is it carrara marble? I will reach out to other painters as well. This one gave the quote and we kind os agreed to it but I haven't heard anything from him yet--I will take this opportunity and reach out to others. Thanks again!

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Tom William

A kitchen remodeling can improve the style and overall value of your kitchen with a luxurious look and feel. Whether you prefer a modern look or a traditional style choosing best countertops is very important in order to provide you with the highest standards in kitchen design. NW Granite & Marble, LLC offers a superb choice of Countertops at a very affordable price.

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C Quiros

LOVE that you're showing people how to bring a big impact to their space whether they have a little or a lot to spare for the change. I think people often feel limited by their financial constraints, not realizing how much ability they do have to make the changes they would like. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement, and this article is just that!

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