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L Fitzgerald

Don't wait until you plan or have to move. Start now with every storage area (attic, basement, garage, then closets, drawers, and shelves). My husband and I are in our sixties, healthy and active. We hope to be able to stay in our current home for 10, 15 (or God be willing and the crick don't rise) or more years, but after seeing what friends have had to do when they finally had to downsize, we've already started the purge. Scrounging through space, sorting, boxing, hauling isn't for sissies and it's not going to get easier as you get older but it gets easier and easier every year to throw out, toss and give away. The storage spaces and house get neater and easier to clean and keep up with every purge. If we had to move today, would it be easy. Heck no but it will be a lot easier than before.

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Cindy Costa

I'm in the process of packing for a move to another state. It's just me doing all the work so I started a few months ago. I'll have professional movers but I've decided to do the packing myself since I need to go through everything anyway to eliminate what I no longer want/need to keep. I am using U-haul moving boxes and supplies which are good quality at a reasonable price. As I pack, I not only number and label the box with type of contents and the location of where it needs to go in the new house, I also created a list of what is in box on an Excel spreadsheet. That way I can keep the writing on the boxes to a minimum. I've rented a small storage unit so I don't have the packed boxes cluttering up the garage. The movers will stop by that storage unit and move those items as well. Wish me luck!

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I just went through the process of 'downsizing' to two large suitcases! As of 2018, we will be living in Airbnbs wherever and whenever we want to go. We didn't sell our home instead we put it up for rent. And as the article says, by far, the hardest thing to do was to decide what to do with each item in the house, whether to donate it, leave it in the house, pack in boxes for storage, give it away or simply throw it out. Imagine 50 years collecting and amassing stuff. I have moved at least 5 times, but this has been the hardest! Took 5 carloads to the thrift stores, sold lots of stuff at a community garage sale I organized, gave away stuff including furniture to family and friends, and sold a few items online. We also had to get rid of boxes of papers/documents in a secure way so we had them shredded professionally. It was hard the first few months, but then I started to feel liberated. At the same time, we had to prepare the house for rent, do repairs and upgrades and 'stage' it. As I walk through the house I can't help but smile because I feel like I am living in one of those "Houzz" houses where all the surfaces clean and organized. So far no regrets.


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