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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens

Of course, our native grasses may support more insect larvae, so that's one good reason to use them. Gardens aren't just about what humans want or find beautiful, but what all species want and find beautiful.

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I'm excited about my 5 year project. Got preliminary plans going in for a half acre pond with areas of aquatics (gotta study up on the natives here). Already have a list of native grasses for wildlife including Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium). Sugarcame Plumegrass )Saccjari, gogamteum) and maybe some Sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula) for the birds and it's the state grass of Texas! Of course, there will be wildflowers and more endangered species of Longleaf pine as well as some shrubs, groundcovers - all native. It's slowly coming together. Trying to get a mix so there is something to eat year 'round. I expect to begin the pond dig early December. The pond will be shaped kinda like Snoopy and meander a bit into the woods. What's there not to like!

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Judy Bath

It looks like some of these will go to seed and spread all over? Might not work with a perennial bed...

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