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When I was a kid, all Swedish kitchens had an in-built, pull-out breadboard/worktop like these next to the stove. Perfect :-)

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Kris Nocker
I do think it's a bit crazy that there's such a small kitchen and the oven/hob is SO wide but also that the fridge freezer is possibly double the size that a normal one is.

I also think it might have been better to get an integrated FF, this would have lessened the impact on the eye and made it blend a bit more with the rest of the doors.

I do like the idea of the pull out extra cutting space - much needed in all kitchens, and hard to find in modern houses!
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Hu Lo

A thoughtfully designed kitchen! No kitchen is perfect, but this one seems to have done a fantastic job at working with its limits. The pullout cutting board is brilliant and, though spaces are not large counters are plentiful for a small space. While I can see what some are saying about the large refridgerator, I can also see how it would make cooking for a family easier. Good job!


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