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Raisa, you and Rockport for us. I guess we didn't have enough deaths to be interested in. Hope Florida Keys is getting back on it's feet!

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Our hearts go out to all the families that have been devastated by these storms losing family members, homes and businesses, and the economic damage to the business communities in the devastated areas some of which may never recover.
Another city your report doesn't include is Atlanta, GA,
yes Atlanta had plenty of damage! Approximately 75% of our daughter's home was destroyed by a very large oak tree with a full canopy in her neighbor's yard and dropped by the wind. Four other homes in her neighborhood alone were heavily damaged by mature trees falling to the winds that Tuesday.
The insurance company estimate for the 'home repair only' is well over $350K, that doesn't include damage to the landscape, furnishings and personal property in the home. The estimated time to finish the rebuild is 10-12 months because of the lack of sufficient qualified subcontractors. All this from one of Irma's storm bands as the storm moved north of our area. We're all thankful she wasn't hurt or worse thanks to her quick thinking to go to the basement but the emotional and physical damage to her and her neighbors is devastating nonetheless.
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Kimi Lancaster

We live in Florida and were in the hurricane Mathew destruction oct 2016. We had several trees fall around us, 31 actually, and have had 2 fall on our home and 5 of the on a 6ft foundation wall. The worst was a historical live oak in The front estimated over 200 feet tall and was 15 feet in diameter. It snapped from the high winds and left a 40 ft stump. It crashed breaking our entire driveway and the underground utilities under it and ripped down our powerlines and pole knocking all the power out on our road for over 2 weeks. The 5 tall water oaks that fell on the foundation wall caused the wall to buckle and we lost a lot of fill. Then the 160 foot palm trees came up rooted from the next street over behind us and was thrown in the wind like a yard dart and crashed through our roof breaking 4 trusses out entire pool enclosure cut in half and damaged the pool deck. We had the tops of the trees of our neighbors fall through our wooden deck that attaches to our house and is 1200 sq. Feet and, and extends from our pool deck. The tree that fell into the roof damaged electrical wires which caused us to replace the west end of the house, including kitchen appliances, fans, lightening, garage door openers, and pool equipment and ac. The electrical that was ripped out also caused some shifting as we were told wires touched and shorted out. Our entire roof had to be redone, our interior ceiling had to be replaced and the trusses could not be skittered but had to be replaced. We also had personal property damage, and pictures lost, we had tile damage inside from the tree falls, causing us to have to redo the tile about 70%. We have managed to get the roof, trusses, ceiling, pool, deck, driveway, done, but we are awaiting finishing the foundation wall rebuild final touches, however a lot of the interior work is still underway a year and a half later. We had the worst luck with contractors, as we hired some big names and some that were local businesses. Everyone worked at such a lacksidazical pace. It has been awful. Though we are blessed to be alive. Several homes in our area were damaged by these large historical oaks however they did not care for the trees and they came up rooted and crashed on the entire houses. The county makes people keep these trees during building but no one instructs them of how to care for them and how close NOT to build to them. So they all lost everything. People said oh it wasnt that bad. However, in our area about 5 miles west of the water (beach 5 miles, river 3 miles) we experienced a major devastation. Our totals have come to approximately $180,000 so far. And I am disabled so our home and pool is ADAcompliant. .

Our insurance has been the least difficult, though we have had 22 claim Owners, and one field adjuster messed up and redid our original claim causing major issues and delays as he was confused on our state guidelines as opposed to his state he resided in. (Crazy right?) Yah this caused us to loose about 9 weeks of work because the repairs we were instructed to start, the funds we had been given disappeared.

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