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you know i figured that out while laying in bed. but the sentiment is the same. great flavor, never dry, can cook a bunch in less than 2 hours, you can give everyone their own bird, and inexpensive. what more can you ask for? just call it cornish turkey.

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I remember hiking back in the day and taking what we called Cornish game clams with us - a camp fire and roasted fowl on a stick - truly elegant and barbaric at the same time.

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@havingfun: I eat fish :) For the fun of it I looked up Rock Cornish Hens at our local grocery $7.68 for two of those one servicing thing (for me it would probably be 2 or 3 servings). Depending on style you want, a fresh whole young turkey runs $1.48@ pound, so a 12 pounder is $17.76 it will feed 12 folks. To feed the same number of people that would need 12 cornish hens for a grand total of $46.08 (6 x 7.68). But don't fret none. For $15.36 you can feed 4 Rocks or one 12# turkey and hope they are all big eaters or you'll have a lot of turkey meals for the next week or so. And you can't say that about leftover Rocks! And yes, you can buy a fresh young turkey at $1.48 per pound at 10 pounds. That would feed 10 people at $14.80. For 4 people you won't have as much in the leftover dish. Of course, you can always give the guests all those leftovers. Ain't math fun? LOL

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