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I had a problem very small lounge in a small cottage. Painted it white but HATED the little white cell that resulted so went with some advice I had received: to think of the "feel" I wanted in that room. As it was a room I used in the evening with a fireplace and TV, and book shelves, I went for red! A rich textured crimson on the walls, white ceiling and trims, black leather snuggly couch and my rocker, found an Arabian-style colourful light fitting and went all out cosy and warm. Thus emphasizing the small cosy feel, rather than trying to make it something it wasn't! It was my favourite room! Not all rooms need to feel large, and evening rooms can be dark, moody or warm enveloping spaces. Think of when you use the room and what for, before desperately trying to find light.

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Kathy M

I have recently been doing a range of improvements to my home. One of the challenges I faced was that it is an old but very large double brick townhouse with very enjoyable large deep decks both upstairs and downstairs. This means that my downstairs windows are largely "shadowed" by the upstairs deck. The situation was further complicated by the fact that it was not possible to install a skylight in the living area downstairs because the ceilings are concrete (eg. they are also the floors upstairs). So after a LOT of research I had my electrician install one of the Illume shaftless solar skylights (which are actually very sleek LED panel lights! see link: ). The result has been astounding. What was once a very dingy corner is now pleasantly light and bright all day long. In fact, I am so pleased with the result I am planning to install another larger one in the kitchen when my budget allows. It was the first time my electrician had ever seen or installed one and he was blown away by the result and plans to recommend them to his clients in the future.

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We are about to remove a wall (a whole room in fact - tiny though it is) to open and enlarge our living space in our small 1950-1960 home, the current living space is a bit dark and I painted platinum grey which is a great colour but probably sucks up the light, we are adding a waterfall window to the south east aspect of the house to let in the light. We have been told we can't have a waterfall window in double glazing (I hope this is true) and is going to be low e glass that is 10ml thick all hopefully will work as I am really looking forward to having more light and space in the living area.
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