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They are all SO CUTE! But impractical.

Speaking as a farmer, I've got lovely buildings, with foundations, windows, dutch doors, working shutters, and CATS with free run of all of them...

but the possums and skunks still get in.

Cats will help prevent mice, which helps prevent SNAKES.

But even so, we have buildings that have snakes in the summer.

And we're thankful that "Charlie" is a blacksnake because blacksnakes prevent copperheads.

That 's why they are OUT buildings, and that's why we live IN the HOUSE.

It's not a Disney world out there...

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Such creative shed designs featured in this article! We just converted a shed into a home office for my husband (after working from home for 8 years in our dining room, oh man, it was time to do this!). The shed was a new build by a local shed/cabin company. We had to hire out the electrical work (permit required) and finished the interior ourselves. The shed was built in August and the project was finished in December. It was time consuming since we could really only dedicate weekend time to the project (and a few holidays & days off from work). Also, we are not experts by any means, so a lot of trial and error on the interior work.

I see no problems so far with rodents, snakes, mice, etc. We do have very rowdy and wild squirrels, one opossum (lives in the neighbors old shed that has no door, so easy entrance), a raccoon (who fights with the opossum), and neighborhood feral cats. We also live in a rural area (not a farm, though), however, we are within the city limits and walking distance of our little town square, so we probably have less wildlife activity than you would see on a big farm. We took great care with insulating, sealing & caulking every nook & cranny of the shed, so hopefully the wildlife will stay in the wild.

Our next project is a She Shed for us girls :-)

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Jenny Ballantyne Interiors

That looks fantastic and so well thought out. Definitely a space to spend lots of time in. Number 8 is my Summer House, which has been in situ for five years. We’ve never had any problems with rodents...I would say the worst problem is the spiders! However a quick spring clean every now and again does the job. It’s such a retreat and we’d be lost without it. Well done again for creating a gorgeous space! Love it!


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