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Janet Hicks

Shopping in the bulk bins is a win, win for me. The same products usually cost less since I'm not paying for extra packaging.

Even when I can't buy in bulk, I always unbox everything, especially, nuts, cereal, pasta and baking items, and store those things in glass containers. They keep better, are easier to see on the shelf, plus doing so eliminates cardboard packaging which is one of the easiest way to invite unwanted guests home from the market,

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One of my favorite hints for keeping thing from getting cluttered is carry a small laundry basket from room to room, if something doesn't belong it goes in the basket as other things are removed from the basket an put in the right place. In no time the basket is empty and ready to be put in its place. Never leave a room empty handed is another good rule.
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One of my favorite finds are silicone lids. You can use them in the microwave, fridge and on stovetop pots to replace that lost lid. I almost never use plastic wrap. I like the flat silicone lids for large items in microwave, and get the smaller stretchable silicone lids for the fridge items like cans. I rarely use plastic wrap anymore.


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