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@Nancy Sloop: although I dislike glass showers, I use the following for mirrors and glass windows. Works like a charm and even though it rains on some of my windows, it stays clean for a long time. Don't know how it would work on a glass shower, but try it if you don't like using a squeegee.

1 part white vinegar

3 parts distilled water (no minerals in it)

mix together in a spray bottle to store in your closet or where ever.....

Spray vinegar/water mix on the mirror, windows, shower glass and let it stay for 5 minutes - longer (10-30 minutes) if you haven't done it in a while and it's really really scummy. Keep it wet with the solution. Use your hand spray or wash it down with a very wet sponge (warm distilled water). Then wipe with towel, rag or what ever you have around lint free. Glass is porous, so clean it at least once/twice a month.

Newer installs have a glass coating available that helps protect glass from minerals in water and soap. You'll still have to clean, but not as often as glass without protection such as windows.

Some folks swear by Rain-X. I think they are marketing a specific product for the shower which is probably the same product used in the windshield cleaner for your vehicle. I've never checked it out, but if it is the same, save money and by the gallon windshield solution rather than pay for the marketing hype in a smaller spray can. Rain-X is slippery so be careful on the floor. Also not sure about the chemical reactions on any grout. So be careful and check it out thoroughly if interested.

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R11 thal

Grab bars or blocking for future installation of grab bars (safety bars) I found combination grab bars that have storage shelf, toilet paper holder, and towel bar. This allows for less wall congestion. At the minimum have your builder block all walls for properly placed grab bars around the toilet, tub and shower.

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Even as someone who loves baths, I wish the prior owner had just skipped the tub rather than use this crazy setup. The tub is wedged between the shower and wall. That means you have to climb in each time you want to take a bath to close the drain at the far end of the tub (and wade through cold dirty bath water if the drain accidentally closes during draining or your kiddo forgets to open the drain after a bath). And climbing in is no easy feat. Your choices are to climb over side (and the faucets) by reaching your foot in far enough to get past the “arm rests” built into the tub to get to a flat surface, or try to enter from the end, where you have to reach your foot in far enough to get past the sloped back rest. Even at 5’8”, I feel like my legs are too short to safely get in or out. Not a great feeling trying to navigate when on a wet surface. I’m still basically lifting my 7 year old in and out because there’s no way he can navigate it safely. Oh, and the ledge around the tub is not wide enough to sit on, but you have to wait for the tub to completely fill before getting in it because the faucet is placed such that the running water will hit your shoulder and splatter everywhere but inside the tub if you try to get in early. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that the prior owner was “in construction” during the sales process—as though that was a big selling point. He must have been drunk the day he put this in. For bonus points, he also put the commode right in the entryway of the bath so it’s the first thing you see upon entering (and the only thing you see when passing by when the door is open). I have to say...not a great look. Nothing about looking at that toilet says “serene retreat” to me.


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