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Jenell Holt

Noelle, what a fabulous collection you've put together! These are all so gorgeous.

We have a couple of Desert Museum Palo Verde trees that have grown very quickly. They are about 2 1/2 years old, and we want to do some structural pruning. What height would you recommend we prune the canopy? I don't want to mess these up. :)

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Do you have suggestions for safe trees to plant around a pool in AZ?
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@Imrostahoop You definitely don’t want a Desert Museum or other varieties of Palo Verde. The debris from both makes your pool look like it’s covered with a yellow carpet (mainly in late winter until early-mid spring). You didn’t say where you live, but UofA is the expert for the state of AZ. I’m looking at an article called Plants for Poolside Landscapes. It was published 8/98, and later updated. Here’s a link: (for Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix) Basically, it’s best to use trees like Mediterranean Fan Palms, other types of Palm, Yucca, Cactus (keep away from walkways to prevent injury), there’s quite a long list of trees, shrubs, and accent plants in the article. I hope this helps.
(My husband and I recently purchased a home with 3 Desert Museums planted with in 6’ of the pool, yikes! The trees, although young, are coming out to be replaced with Mediterranean Fan Palms.)

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