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@HU-3528769468122 vertical blinds...seriously?!

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Debbie Lusk

I enjoyed the photos here but, I really love my minimalist lifestyle. The main reason I say this is that a lot of the things I have seen here and see in other places are just things made in China type decor where everyone has the same things. I think that if you are a true minimalist, you will focus on the less is more idea. By that, for me anyways, it means that the things I have around me, in my home and in my space mean something. Some examples are books because I love to read! I have them to read and I collect some and also they are my decor in every way. A few pieces of furniture that someone has made me or a few pieces I have really saved for and were made locally by a company that uses reclaimed wood. I even have a pantry created from a hall closet we took doors off of where the food I love and use daily can be stored in baskets and on shelves and becomes decor. And yes, I'm also a little weird about neatness but I am also a true believer that if you can not read it, eat it or drink it or use it every day at home, you probably don't need it. Having said that, some things are ok if you truly love them. Examples... handmade pottery, plants, photos, art that is thoughtfully collected and even your clothing can be displayed artfully. Keeping the things that you love around you creating a unique picture of your uncluttered life to me is more than important than having things that everyone else has.

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Diane Edwards

Who would put a tray on the floor? That is just crazy. Everyone going by this room in my life would be picking it up and putting it on a table. It would be a fun experiment to try.


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