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Pauline S
Jasonhebard: When I sold my mother's house the front door had been sticking for some time, though it happened gradually. The home inspector for the buyers stuck a screwdriver through the wooden center beam of the house. Yikes! Termites had largely eaten it away. Of course it had to be fixed so they found a company that does underpinning and jacked the house up briefly while the new beam was slid into place. It is scary, though not as scary as mom paying Terminix for years for their green cone system and them saying they have no liability.
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Veronica Salas

I live in fresno ca- the house I live in is only 15-20 yrsb yrs old. Last year in this exact same month. The front sprinkler system had a leak or so we thought. That leak had flooded by the front room window, and had spread around the whole outside of the house. But what was weird, was on the opposite side of the house the whole yard was flooded. Maybe a week after that we started getting water in the middle of the house a and it was spreading over the whole back room, down the hallway then to the kitchen .from there we hired a few different people to find out we had a leak in one of the water pipes behind our first bathroom. With all that done, insurancetook out carpeting in br, and feo t kitchen. But only pulled up carpet in certain places in back room to see for moisture.we had 7/big industrial fans blowing thrughout the whole house once the leak was fixed. And we thought that was the end now a year later my 6 yr old daughter started getting bitten up then her brother and now me!! I'm pretty sure there's a roll moisture under the house but since it was all around the house from underneath, how can I get rid of moisture when it's under the House?another interesting fact I noticed since then, is that my house when it rains, all the water comes toward the house whereas it is usually suppose to flow away from the house, why is that?

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Vicki Magee

I have a problem that I have never been able to find the answer to. As soon as I moved into my new home than I had built I noticed in the winter the windows would accumulate water on the inside of the panes. It has to be pretty cold outside for it to do this... at least 37 degrees.

The moisture is so bad that water drips and puddles on my window sills and I get mildew if I don't wipe my windows daily in the winter. Sometimes it even drips onto the floor!

This is such a huge pain. I am concerned that I am going to have worse problems with all of this moisture.

I have tried many different solutions such as opening a window just a crack to let outside air in case it is caused by the house being too airtight.

If anyone has ever had this problem please let me know. The windows are double paned and are decent windows.


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