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Lucy Mathers

Am I in the minority...I do those things every single day, no matter what the season.

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I always do all of these, having OCD. (If you really have it, it's CDO, of course.) But the clutter seems to pile up in my family room and desk area. Once a week I sort and put away the things I haven't taken care of on a daily basis. Mostly paperwork, since my husband goes to the doctor quite often and takes multiple meds to keep him alive. My file folders are always jam packed with his needs.

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Elaine Doremus

I have an even better idea for (Bathroom) put away toiletries and wipe counter. For the twenty years I've had my condo, I've made a commitment to not have any toiletries ever on the bathroom counter. I have a makeup table in the bedroom where I do my makeup and hair. That eliminates this problem. In addition, I moved all the toiletries I don't use daily from the makeup table onto a side table in another part of the bedroom. That way the makeup table is as clear as it can be!


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