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R Long

Decades ago I dated a woman who was a dog-walker, and sometimes I would accompany her in her rounds. Some of the "homes" we would enter were extremely uncluttered, and showed no visible signs that real people lived there. Those were the "homes" where the dogs were kept in cages. The "homes" of these robo-professionals had all the charm of a motel room, but were completely uncluttered. At the other extreme, the Victorians were big on clutter. Their homes were full of personal items and knick-knacks, and though they lived in an age if intellectual decline, it wasn't the intellectual dark age we live in now.

There's a balance that can be achieved that is more conducive to humans being humans without their being globalist automatons. There's a balance between being a primitive tribalist hoarder and being a personality-deprived abstract being with no individual attributes and attachments.

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I just removed all my art from the house for an upcoming retrospective exhibit. The house looks so depressing without art. Remove the clutter, but keep the art!

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Anybody having trouble getting rid of things? Salvation Army and Goodwill won’t take good furniture anymore. Most clothes donated are sent to rag factories.

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