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The house I bought recently has 5 skylights, a boon on the gray rainy Pacific Northwest days. But the two over my kitchen sink made for a hot room on 90 degree days. I bought inexpensive Redi-Shade solar shades, trimmed them to size, and added a sewn-in casing at each end for a slim spring rod.

The shades do not block the view, just the heat, and they really work great as a low-budget solution.
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We have a large skylight over the landing of our open stairway - it faces north and allows soft indirect light to flood the hallway and stairs all day long but does not contribute to heat buildup. No leaks in the 40 year history of the house. We added 3 skylights in the dormer roof of the room over our garage - a good choice where the walls are short and windows are impractical. We had that section of the roof redone so that the skylights were properly fitted and installed with high quality flashing and covered with new roofing to match the old. Not a hint of a leak in 12 years. These skylights face east in a wooded area placed for maximum passive solar effect (shade in the summer, sun in the winter) and I love seeing the trees in the summer and the sky in the winter in a formerly dark gloomy room. Easy to hose down from the outside to clean them. Good quality skylights with double paned glass placed with care in the right location seem just as energy efficient as our windows and this is actually the most comfortable room in our house year round.

Next project - skylight over the bathtub when we remodel the master bath next year :-)

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Please provide pics!


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