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detailaddict Looking back at some of the posts, came across one of yours and the formaldehyde dilemma. I have no idea what kind of insulation you're going to go for but we opted for fiberglass batts...after long consideration. There is now a formaldehyde free batting. Make sure you check it out - if batt insulation is in your plans.

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My husband has all but settled on the new spray foam, from a "cost vs. energy savings" standpoint (our current house has the fiberglass batts, likely the old kind as our house is 20+ years old), and I've raised the red flag on VOC's but he doesn't think the concern warrants extra expense. My top pick (at present) is wool batting - as in sheep's wool. No chemicals, flame retardant, and a good R-value but apparently not as high as the synthetic stuff. And more expensive. One GC we talked to actually doesn't like spray foam as in his opinion a house needs to "breathe"; so maybe there's still time for hubby to change his mind...but I've already won my share of "battles" (e.g., wood windows) so I suppose I should expect a compromise or two.

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detail - the house may need to breathe but only where you want it to - controlled breathing as in through an ERV not through every pore. Spray foam is good and will seal too but make darn sure the installer is an insulation contractor not a guy that does insulation too. There is other off gassing that is as bad or worse than formaldehyde and it comes from improperly installed spray foam. Do your homework - read the installers reviews as well as their training qualifications.

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