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Here is a solution if the contractor, or anyone else, sends you a bill beyond what you feel the cost should be. Give them a cheque for a reasonable amount and write in the memo "account paid in full". If they cash the cheque, legally, that is the end of it.

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It's mostly a myth that writing "account paid in full" prevents the payee from seeking full payment in a court should he/she choose to cash the check (at least in most U.S. courts; may not be in Canada given the spelling of cheque). The payer may get a way with it if the payee seeks not to pursue a legal remedy but don't get fooled into believing this is going to save you from properly paying people who have performed work for you. If you're in a dispute with your contractor over money/quality of work, then attempt to negotiate a settlement in writing since fair is in the eyes of both parties, not just the person not wanting to pay the full amount.

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During our initial conversations with a client over a remodeling project, one of the first things I like to discuss than scope, hours, and costs ot the project, is the steps that we'll take as a company to project their property. We discuss the responsibilities and roles that each party has in guaranteeing the safety of everything in the home. We do this at the beginning to prevent any future misunderstandings.

We aksi encourage our clients to keep talking to us engaging with us on every aspect of the project. We find that answering our clients questions as quickly and as comprehensive as possible allows all parties to play integral roles in the success of the project. It is a team effort and the client is a crucial part of this team.

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