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My spouse of 17 years is a messy keeper. His office is now tucked away UPSTAIRS in a small area. He does have a window , we built the home he said no window I insisted. You're welcome honey But the room is far from square nor are the angles of the ceiling symmetrical. It has been an array of paid bills leftover dishes and empty soda cans for far too long. Time to takeover and organize his space. Move over I'm coming in !!! I love the slate gray with black and taupe. A very masculine feel. But not to loose sight. It's about organizing not accesorizing. Painting bookshelves black and transforming them into a hutch. Picking through a yard of antiques in the hill country I came across an old wooden 6 pain window. Fits PERFECTLY I plan the attach the window to the front of the bookcase and apply hinges. My hopes are to create a hutch effect. A place to house his awards YET kept behind closed windows panes so that the soda cans don't become a part of his display.

I have a hurdle Looking for a DIY Idea How can i make a metal 5 drawer filing cabinet aseptically attractive? I am afraid to paint it. Afraid that it will scratch and end up with an aged look not so intentional

Currently the file cabinet is the standard beige. EEEEWWWW. So army office from my army brat days

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Justin Schaid
Great ideas here. I like David Seidel’s use of space in the closet! If I may add, here is a great way to get an extra foot of desktop space back, and store an extra external drive or two as well!
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Thanks to Pinterest, I combined a $10 dining table (real wood legs) and a vintage coffee table that I had (it even has a small drawer) and made an awesome desk...Just waiting for the weather to warm and dry up so I can paint it...taking lots of before and after pictures, I have a very small space and it's right when you walk in my front door so I want it to look nice! Hence the repurposed real wood furniture and not laminate-covered particle board...I also got a bookshelf at Goodwill for $5 I'm going to paint to match and put some fabric boxes in it for storage, hang some shelves, found a small vintage wood table (Goodwill, $3, painted peacock blue) for my printer...sorry, I have CABIN FEVER and can't wait to get it FINISHED!!! Moral of the story, any small corner can be an office and thrift stores and garage sales are better than new furniture when you're working on a small budget...paint can make just about everything beautiful!

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