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Hello what could I plant underneath a cedar hedge to enhance the look of the hedge also to make it look cleaner under it?

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Thank you so much. I am a beginner in gardening, still learning but the 10 steps has given me a better understanding of garden management. I will definitely put it to work.
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Great article......being a California girl I grew with a natural love of gardening. I pretty much could grow anything-even grew a landscaping company, that grew to be 20 yrs old before I sold it and moved to Nv. Living in the hot dry, windy desert has made me feel like a complete idiot as far as my ability just plunk anything in the ground & it would grow.

Yes, Yes a thousand times learn what grows in your zone. Learn your yard-what area gets shade first, are there areas that get all day sun? Drive around different neighborhoods in your area , take notes & pictures of what you like. I am not afraid to ring a doorbell & ask about a certain plant in someones yard.

Make friends w/ the garden centers in your area-if they are knowledgeable they can be a wealth of information & usually are happy to help. Speaking of garden centers-some like Lowe's have clearance racks in the garden area-great way to stretch the budget, learn what will work & if you aren't successful you didn't pay full price. Happy to say just about everything planted in my backyard is from the clearance rack. I started with almost nothing a yr ago. Its not done but at least now we have something to look at.

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