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My two favorite plants are my ficus trees, one variegated. My bil gave me a peace lily last year which I love and actually started a 2nd one off. I have an assortment of plants but, imo, can never have too many. I need to replace my Christmas cactus, I don't know what happened, it was probably 15.

What's funny though, to me and I'm sure many of you, I'm not an outdoor gardener.

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Scape Supply

Looking for these plants- Check us out here on Houzz, the best quality houseplants in the nation. Our live plants come prepared in commercial grade planter, deep dish saucer, and moss covering -ready for placement in your home or office.

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Lynette Ludbrook

Add to the list with these beauties that have thrived in my home for years: hoya carnosa, ficus benjamanni, maranta, spathyphyllum, aspidistra! Successfully grown house plants since I was a child. Now nearing 60, they have never gone out of style in my homes, but one did lack light for indoor plants to thrive. North facing rooms are a boon for some plants, while others will enjoy the indirect light of a south facing porch or conservatory.

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