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hi ! the introduction says cool air moves towards hot air and later a point says hot air moves towards cold air. could you please clarify?
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thanks Sandhya, you're right - cool air always moves towards hot, so we've corrected point 4.

And Liese Sadler, I love that your house uses old school principles to save turning on air-con. I'm on a one-woman campaign here in New Zealand to bring in screened porches, I loved them when i lived in the mid-west of America. Here, we've finally remembered to build/re-build covered porches on our modern houses, as our wise pioneers used to do to protect from sun and rain, but still let the evening mozzies drive us back indoors!

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Love it, love summer. Never used air conditioner. In my two-story 1922 bungalow I open the screened windows in the morning and at night, place a fan in an upstairs window with the blades toward the outside, (front to window) and 20 minutes later my house has all fresh cool air circulated through it. Love summer.

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