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Regarding the water shutoff question: We have a separate system for the landscape irrigation water. We shut that system totally down and drain it each fall.
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Fortress Security Store

These are all great tips, basic tips that people have been using for centuries like having a neighbor check in, having lights on timers, and locking your doors are some of the best and easiest steps for insuring your home stays safe. Additionally getting a reliable home security system that you can trust can give you that added piece of mind! There are plenty of different systems that can best work for you, including a system that can hook to a SIM card, WiFi, or even a phone line. We always recommend to do some research and read reviews online to make sure you are finding a security system that will best serve you and your family!

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water shutoff is VERY important. A friend finished an extensive remodel including all new wood flooring on one level before leaving for vacation. A burst pipe caused $60,000 damage to flooring. Best to turn off water, or have water alarms at all wet points and have neighbor monitor daily while tending plants, pets, or picking up mail.


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