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Debbie Lusk

Moving to a much smaller home and having it newly renovated and having a smaller ADU that is new and very energy efficient makes me feel good! Just don't look behind hubby's recliner at all the plugs etc. He's a tech guy so I have to give him the luxury of charging his things.

About those Swedish dishcloths, my market sells them and I love them! I buy one at a time and use it for months. It never sours! Also, you can lay them over dishes on the top rack of the dishwasher to really clean them well. I still use paper towels now and then because grease! But, I am using less and less and I'm working on the whole plastic wrap thing. I hate those reusable lids made of material for several reasons but one mainly is because they are coated inside with what looks and smells like plastic and they get so gooey and dirty and disgusting. They have to be washed after each use anyways so what's the point? A teeny bit of plastic wrap or tons of water waste to wash them?

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I seldom use plastic wrap or foil to cover pans, bowls, etc. since I found silicone lids. (Charles Viancin brand) They come in various sizes of round and square shapes so they can fit most any kitchen bowl, pan or casserole dish. They even provide a suction when placed on smooth rims so no smells escape in the fridge. They are oven safe and can be used on pans on the stove. They are completely washable. The ones I've had the longest still look like new. They are somewhat pricey, but I think entirely worth it!

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The silicon lids are far better than "a teeny bit of plastic wrap" that will be around forever. If you ever doubt the value of using less plastic just think about the fact that the very first toothbrush you ever used as a baby still exists in a landfill site somewhere and those piles of rubbish are being added to every single day that goes by.

Beeswax wraps are better than the silicon lids though. Or simply go old school and cover a bowl with a small plate. Zero waste.


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