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I am not a designer but I like my rooms to have balance to the eye. The zebra and the union jack pillow throw off my sence of balance and relaxation when I look at this room. To each his own though.
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Just to add a laugh.... in "the room" that has caused such heated comments, I love the striped black and white rug, really like the white lamp, and I don't mind the curtains but i can't stand that big hunk of blue sofa. I think the other elements would look terrific if you changed the sofa style and, there you go. Everybody is so different. this has been a really fun post to read over breakfast! I've started my day laughing and that's always a good thing. :-)
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Charming and fresh floral choices, thank you for sharing them.
I would use floral patterns as a wall decor and on pillows, combining them with monochrome chairs and sofa.

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