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Sara Esther Kader
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I have a small brick patio outside my back door. It is covered with a canvas awning. I have chosen the most practical and inexpensive furniture-the old classic metal chairs with the big round backs, and plastic tables. I repaint the tables with spray paint every spring. I'm older and they are light enough for me to move them and can be left out all year under cover. When I have a party I have tablecloths. The chairs can also be spray painted as they age- right now I have 2 light green, 2 aqua and 2 white.

I do not use cushions or rugs. As others have pointed out these are just catchers for dirt, bugs, leaf litter, mildew and moisture. And one more bulky-and now dirty-set of items to bring in for the winter. I live in a tough climate ( Texas) and see no reason to have expensive things outdoors which will just deteriorate faster than the inexpensive ones.

All the pictures were nice though.

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American Home Improvement Inc

These are great deck/patio ideas. very warm and welcoming.

for more ideas on all renovations and design ideas


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