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Mosquito Control Systems & Mist Cooling Systems

When considering your design or redesign think of the possibility of also making your outdoor area mosquito free (organic options area available). We have several DIY kits and offer free design help to make that possible, and our systems are almost invisible once installed. Take a look.

Mosquito Control Systems Installations · More Info

Mosquito Control System

Mosquito Control Misting System Kits

Mist Cooling System Installations · More Info

Mist Cooling System (In-line)

Mist Cooling System Kit

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Always it is a small garden space. What if there is a large relative flat garden space. How do you make it not boring but keep the space?
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Alot will depend the zone you live in, then what type of theme do you want to create, how much or how little maintenance do you want to devote to your yard. Visit home centers & plant nurseries to learn what works in your zone. Drive around your neighborhood and see what is working for your neighbors.


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