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Kitchen Magic

5 Storage Items Homeowners Are Asking For

We are always happy to make recommendations to homeowners that help them make the most of their existing space. It's up them how much they are willing to spend on their kitchens though. It's not about up-charging. We just want to help them make their new kitchens beautiful 'and' functional.

The masses are looking to transform their kitchen to some shade of white or gray. And why not, that's what their showing in magazines and here on Houzz. It will also be brighter and feel more open. Having less on the counters would help with that too.

1) Which leads us to storage. "Hands down", the most asked for storage item is the trash bin roll outs. Why on earth were we all spending upwards of $100 on a stainless garbage cans and displaying them proudly on the side of the cabinet or fridge? It's a garbage can!

Now, make a small adjustment to one cabinet and your trash is concealed and you don't have to step on a pedal to open it. Roll it out, toss and roll it back in. Not to mention you just gained about about 144" sq'. inches of floor space.

2) Next on the 'I want' list, pot drawers, love em', gotta have 'em! and for a small investment, think how much quieter it will be when you start cooking dinner every night.

3) Cutlery inserts. That plastic tray from the dollar store, are 'out', built in dividers 1 and 2 tier are a small investment for another organization necessity before the silverware drawer gets out-of-control...again!

4) Spice rack roll outs. Adjacent to the side of the stove, 2-3 shelves that are the width of a spice jar. Yes, homeowners want this and are asking for it to make cooking that much more simple. For a small 6"-8" sacrifice from another cabinet, any spice is at your finger tips.

5) And last but never least, the blind corner lazy susan. We just 'rolled it out' (sorry we had to say it) 'The Cloud'. It swivels so you don't have to squat down and crawl in anymore. An innovative twist on an old storage concept-the'ol school' lazy susan.

There you have it, if nothing else, these 5 simple storage concepts will make your kitchen more organized, cleaner and, best of all, more spacious. Choosing white isn't the only trend in kitchen design these days, store it, roll it out and look pretty cool doing it too!

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Storage Just Got Really COOL! · More Info
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They're showing, please, not their showing (paragraph 2).

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In my kitchens, I've never had the luxury of having a carpenter/contractor/kitchen designer, have always installed used cabinets, and have never had custom built anything. I'm a tool, die and gagemaker, not a carpenter, cabinetmaker, nor interior designer, and financial constraints have forced me to do the planning and purchasing. In two kitchens, I've done the installation myself, made a few self designed interior storage gadgets, bartered for the plumbing work, and have found that countertops are able to save you a lot of cosmetic work.

With that said, I have absolute sticker shock regarding most of the prices on these storage/access gadgets. I know how much the sheet goods would cost for the custom made platter box, how much my labor would be to make it (and I don't have the specialty tools nor open space a cabinetmaker would have), and how much the slides are. Throw in the extra cabinet to install it in, and I get nowhere near $1200. Maybe that includes the granite/quartz to cover the extension over the box? I would think that, with specialty tools for cabinetmaking, the knowledge gained from doing the same type of job on an everyday basis, and reduced prices for contractors/bulk buyers, the prices for these custom made pieces (not items bought from a third party with a markup added) would be much less, so this article was a good reality check for me. At these prices, I don't think I'll ever have the custom designed and installed kitchen of my desires, but just another self made, painfully practical kitchen.

Oh...the $60 an hour quote on labor- I asked at four different cabinetmakers I've done business with what their hourly rates are for kitchen design and installs- try doubling that $60, at a minimum. One gentleman, that repaired a hinged lazy susan cabinet door for me, was honest enough to admit he'd cut his rate to $100 an hour for repeat or really large job customers. Maybe I'll play the lottery, because I love quite a few of these kitchens.


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