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Ebi Emporium

Love Love Love English Country Cottage style (which is quite different from English Cottage Style, in larger manor homes). I like to read proper British decor mags and blogs featuring 17th or 18th century rustic cottages, with exposed oldie-worldie beams and wood paneling, low and cozy ceilings with smaller, snug-like spaces for an intimate appeal, and ALWAYS wood burning (or wood-look) stoves set in beautiful fireplace surrounds, etc. In my opinion, decor items themselves only goes so far with this style and something will still be lacking - Quirky, character-filled architecture and woodworking in the rooms themselves really makes or breaks the setting for whatever cottage-y furnishings you want to put in the rooms. Without those fundamental structural elements "lining" or "framing" the room, the English appeal of it always seems lacking, at least in my opinion. I would rather invest money into adding in some of these features (even if they're not hundreds of years old) to get that sense of built-in character, rather than spend a fortune on furnishings...And once the foundation is there, just look for bits and bobs that are well-loved and mesh together over time to furnish the space.

Cottage style is all about the inherent charm of functional, well-built things ("pretty" is good, but "practical" is a must), rather than prissy trim, fussy or overly delicate fabrics (silk, etc) and upholstery skirting, etc anyways. But as far as decor goes, you definitely should aim to find/make some cheerful bunting to throw into the mix! :) It's quintessential for the true British look, and can be used in practically any room of the house. I really like it in the kitchen or informal dining room for a cheery touch.

Similarly, faerie lights add that "special something," and old wooden furniture, especially things like wooden trunks (double-duty for great storage and a coffee table), really tie things together beautifully~ And as much as heavy, patterned curtains are not a current North American trend, they really do lend to this style well. Maybe consider making them from a lighter-weight fabric and/or lighter colorways to brighten your space, but try to keep the same types of floral/patterned overall curtain aesthetic you'd see in actual homes in the UK, for a sense of authenticity (if that's what you're after in your space). Just some thoughts and goals for my own home...

But regardless, each person has his/her own take on this beautiful home interiors style and what they're looking to replicate or achieve. So, like this article suggests, it's about picking up on the overall feeling of it (whatever you personally think that is), and just go with it. :)

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vivien caple

Absolutely beautiful. I'm trying to post on what I can do with my 1970 ' s garage floorplan much wood, and I'm not sure my family would be keen on me painting it. Ive a large Woodbuilt-in half bookcase,with odd country slatted shutters on top, (privacy? And heat? And same track slatted bedroom door. One very dark plastic door on small bedroom closet.I'm also rather stuck with the new carpet and lino (put in before I moved in . I'm not partial to any furnishings except trunk and antique table. (Everything else was here)..

from the side door, which I use as a "faux hallway one is directly in line to the to the bath. The LR and kitchen are each the kitchen there is also a large natural gas heater. (So that's something I just have to deal with.. i thought about getting rid of table, and getting a small island as a divider?

I do have a french door (in front of sofa)that leads to the garden and several windows, but a large overhang prevents tons of natural light. .my bedroom is behind the bookcase. Their is another, storage/bedroom to the right of mine, we share a wall. It has a 24 inch door close to the bedroom..maybe I could paint that rarely used door? The "2nd bedroom"has an outside entrance in line with the front of house (was once a tiny beauty parlor)

if anyone has paint colour ideas. (Or even drastically different style ideas from english cottage)

I also love deco, slightly hippie, french, victorian modern, and modern country. (Too much really-im ecclectic by nature)id be so happy to hear. Usually a home already has "character and one can work with that.. - but all I see is building built on garage floorplan, but never used as such).

I was thinking of painting the wall with mirror a deep rose?(it juts out) I wanted to have a pop of colour, but I thought an entire wall in a colour block would look too choppy? (That wall is about 3 feet wide.

. I do like neutrals, and white farmhouse subway tile kitchens, but It's about 560 square feet. I don't want" blah" or stark. I'm slightly limited, as the cottage belongs to a very senior family member that I care for. Thank you, and have a lovely day.

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Adorable, but not remotely English Cottage. American Cottage, perhaps...


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