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KE Interior Solutions

I love these ideas.. we love our 4-legged kids!

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Karen Newton
Regarding the use of dog crates after they’ve been trained, we have rescues and one in particular is STILL, after two years with us, hiding in his crate, which is his safe spot—nothing bad ever happens to him in there. He’s surrounded by a wall and couch and can rest in peace. I feel VERY STRONGLY about closing and locking that door when we have company and we’re eating. Not only does that stop the begging but we’ve witnessed one dog go off on a child who accidentally kicked her under the table and we have a family friend who was camping with a friend and got his mouth bitten and torn off just after dinner (I believe they were playing a game of “let’s let the dog take food from our mouths”). That dog got destroyed sadly.
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Cathy Trout
I’m fine with the crates used for continual fostering of rescue dogs but I’m definitely in agreement with belhan and buster54. Dog hair will migrate to the kitchen and even your dinner plate. That is part of the deal. Our dogs sleep with us and have access to all rooms that don’t have something they could chew that could hurt them. Honestly our living room looks like we have a toddler but with dog toys sprawled all over. Now a mud room with a place to wash the dog is great. But after a dog is trained, no more crate. I love the open cubbies. I wouldn’t mind a cubby in the kitchen at all bc my dog typically follows me so......maybe we appear too lenient but science is confirming what we dog lovers have always known. Dogs are intuitive creatures and pack animals. They NEED to be with their people and vice versa. Think of a service dog trained to warn an individual plagued by seizures that a seizure is imminent. Proximity to the pack is key in that type of relationship/situation. Dogs feel pain, comfort, fear, joy etc, tho I’m not trying to equate A K9 to a human being mnpy in every way....trying to avoid “anthropomorphism”. Thank you HOUZZ for the awesome ideas. The yellow lab, Staffordshire terrier and light brown mix are dogs I watch for friends. The chocolate lab is my girl! None have fleas.

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