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Joanna Zygo
I live in rented appt in Holland. The kitchen was a horror - one claustrophobic space without a window, no appliances, no space for fridge. So I knocked the wall between the kitchen and living area, placed a bar as a division, also hiding some mess from the view out of the living room. With a lot of stress about budget and other, I chose for built in appliances, exactly the same doors as the existing cabinets. Changed door knobs and the worktop. Bar hides extra storage and gives more workspace.It is still very small but I am proud of what I achieved in such a tight space. I have separate laundry room to the right (separate door) where I keep the big appliances (washing machine, dryer & dishwasher) - it keeps the noise out. I keep trash there too (segregating to save environment, so it takes some space).
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I like the idea of the elevated dish washer but how would that look? Would there be no counter above it? Have it raised into a floor- to- ceiling cabinet (like double ovens in the wall)? If anyone has a picture I would love to see it. Thanks!
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