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Blue Wren

Loved all of them, even the ones that are not to my taste. Why? because each and every one has been thoughtfully selected and made beautifully functional representing the desires and creativity of their owners. How lovely to have old pieces revived, preserving the hands and lives that have lived with them before and stamping them with just a little of those who live with them now.

@mikdee81 -yes! DIYers! What you have done is absolutely perfect!

@Barbara Bingham (featured in no. 1) - you're entire bathroom is a stunner!

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I agree, Blue Wren, though the owners should make sure they aren't cutting holes in historically valuable or artistically important antiques. In most cases that's not the case, and giving new life to good, solid old furniture is way better than consigning it to the landfill.

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Linda Hall
Ugly and ridiculous doesn’t even begin to describe some of these “transformations “. Better editing needed.
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