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My husband and I built closets in three rooms this year using a design-it-yourself closet system from a local DIY store, (including our master bedroom). None of our closets have doors, in part they are located on a side of the house that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight.

I was hesitant at first to have a closet without doors but it forces you to keep only what you need and keep things tidy.

We had the option for the pull down bar for our master bedroom but opted against it for two reasons: 1. The fasteners for the bar take up a lot of usable space in the closet (which isn’t immediately apparent in the photos); it uses up at least 1/4 of your bar; 2. They can really be awkward to use You still generally need a step stool to pull it down and if you are going to step up, you might as well do so to reach for what you want and not lose the space.

The pulldown bar does look really glam and professional.

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Check out the over-the-door options on Houze that Loominaries provided a link for. I got one almost identical to the first listing, the Sunbeam, and LOVE it. The Container Store has them in 4 ft. long sections, each holding 12 pairs of shoes. You can connect them to make longer shoe racks. This doesn't use up valuable wall space.


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