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To ioco: I have (2) fig trees in my backyard and have considered having them cut down more than once but the guy that does my yardwork talks me into keeping them. The reason I consider cutting them down is because in (35) years we have never gotten the first fig off of them because the squirrels, raccoons, and possums eat them before they ripen but I will say that they do add an interesting touch to the yard primarily because of the way the guy prunes them-they look at bit oriental!
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Here's my dwarf meyer lemon the first yea; moved it outside in late spring/summer. In the 2nd year, I had many sweet, sweet blossoms, but only one fruit. Inside it was prone to scale and I had to regularly wipe off the leaves. I gave it away when we moved to another state but am happy to be back home in CA to put some more citrus on my patio. The potted kumquats I gave to a CA friend in 2002 are still thriving in the original pots in her Pasadena CA yard!
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great ideas!
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