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Yup that's the problem- another dark floor- maybe the light or grey colors are better options.

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Paragon Custom Hardwood Floors

I have to disagree. 1. Easier on your feet. I disagree, as humans we want to have a secure and solid surface to walk on “foot feel” is what we call it in the trade which LVP and Laminate cannot offer because they float.

2. Vesatile. Just like any other type of hardsurface flooring.

3. Resilient to water. Yes it is because its PVC, but the warranties DO NOT cover water damage to the subfloor that you cannot see because the LVP doesnt show it by cupping or liftings which means leaks can go on for months without notice and create mold and other issues under the floor. Also wood and stone products offer the same water resistance from the surface.

4.Easier to install. Now we are getting to the point of why these products are pushed so heavily. Cheap and easy. In todays society we want things NOW instant gratification, but cheap floors like LVP and laminate offer a false sense because they are meant to be temorary for rentals or commercial space where the next renter may want something different. These floors do not raise the property value.

5.. Roll with the punches. What a horrible selling point! “it will conform to the imperfections” how about we fix the imperfections and do the job right once.

We are a country that used to be among the best in the world known for quality products and crafsmanship. Its unfortunate that we have succumb to the false and misleading propaganda that huge corporations put out to sell us cheap and potentially toxic products. What have we become. As far as “LVP” most of it comes from China dirt cheap and it is sold to the consumer “YOU” at astronomical markups, the installers make nearly nothing and it is literally destroying the Tile and stone industry along with the TRUE craftsman that make it. Please do research on these products before you buy them, ask for the “Safety Data Sheets”, ask to see proof of the country of origin and Read the warranty info as you may be suprised. When we buy these products we are supporting huge chemical company’s, filling up the landfills with non biodegradable PVC, supporting communism “China” and putting potentially toxic products in our homes. Thanks for reading.

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June Collins

And from your soapbox can you see the forests laid bare from years of harvesting primarily oak for your hardwood floors. I've loved my vinyl floors laid over concrete slab. They were easy to install, look like wood, never suffer from spills, clean up like a dream with little more than a drop of dish soap in a bucket of water and yes, they are easy on the feet and legs. As for the tile and stone industry, the components of tile and stone itself have to be mined. Those mines aren't all in the US providing employment for our workers. Prior to mixing, both grout and cement powders can be toxic. Yes, it's difficult as a businessman to keep up with building and remodeling trends but, to stay viable, we have no choice. Individual businesses suffer a death blow when they resist change. Hope you can get past your prejudices and roll with it to stay alive.


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