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Linda Reed

I guess I am consistent... I hit 'save' on three of these (5, 30, and
47) and Houzz informed me that two were already saved to one of my
ideabooks :-). I like baskets - I have one for bike related gear, and
one for dog walk gear, and one for gardening gear... Also, the file
cabinet near the front door has unused seasonal stuff in some drawers,
but also a drawer of actual files to take in case of fire evacuation, so
it's right there and convenient.

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Seven of these mudrooms didn’t offer a good place to sit while removing boots or shoes. Several only offered very narrow perches which were already filled with hanging jackets. I like to have a rubber boot-mat with a raised edge for snowy or wet boots to avoid puddles on the floor. It can take two hands to remove some boots, so sitting really is necessary.

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@felizlady: At least the above articles illustrated the many ways to put in a place to remove shoes, boots, jackets, etc. Some are large, some small. Some are for families of all sizes, some are for one or two people. I have a narrow monastery bench I use - mostly to put stuff down that I can't hang such as gloves. I have no problem in standing to put on my boots. It does take balance, so for those who lack balance, a bench or chair would be in order. As for taking shoes off or boots, well, I keep a boot scraper outside just on the edge of my porch. Easy to scrape off mud and pull my boots off. However, one can use even a narrow bench and a Boot Jack. They are usable on a porch or inside. It takes no hands at all to use. You can even do it standing up!

Point is, there are all sorts of ways to outfit a space just inside or outside an exterior door to accommodate everyone. You aren't going to use them all, so just select what you do need for your space whether big or small or moderate; whether inside your exterior door or outside on a porch that may be enclosed or not enclosed. It's always your choice.


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