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I designed/built my house 21 years ago (last century). No remodels except a countertop in the kitchen. This is my entrance from the barn area. Access is immediate to the bath, then laundry area, then coat&storage closet. the bench is where I sit to change in/out of my mud boots and hang rain coat, hats, & back scratcher on DIY horseshoes. Wall is covered with horsie honors & stuff. Doors to laundry were custom built to look like barn doors. The door pulls are actually door knockers. The wood absorbs sounds of the machines, yet door design provides all important ventilation. I fold stuff like sheets on top of the dryer & washer (with lid closed). Have the Whirlpools Cabrio for 5 years. Prior to that, also had whirlpools for 40 plus years. Very dependable. Two shelves above machines, but I can barely reach the upper shelf which was mainly used by my late hubby. All wood is white pine and stained in various shades. the sliding barn doors were custom built for the bath and the master bedroom. I also have a hose just outside the door to clean off my boots. Floor looks like slate but is actually patterned concrete.

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Does anyone really use the sink in their laundry room? The only thing I've ever done with it is soak some muddy shoes or wash my hands. It's a waste of space. Every washing machine for about the past 20 years has had a hand wash and soak cycle. I much prefer using space in there for a hanging rack, folding table and storage for cleaning supplies, the extra toilet paper, paper towels etc. Storage over a sink for me any day.

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Blue Wren

@Belahn - I use my laundry sink all the time: filling the mop bucket and washing mop afterwards, soaking whites (yes machines have a soak cycle but I like to soak white sheets and clothes for at least 24 hours to keep them really white), prewashing veggies from the garden before their final wash in the kitchen sink, washing out paint trays and brushes - you name it, if there is a "dirty" thing to be washed it gets done in the laundry sink.


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