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I adore the soft close drawers and cabinets. My husband insisted on them and I didn't want to spend the extra money, but I'm so glad he won that one. The drawers are a bit harder to open (i.e., I can't open them with just my pinky if the whole rest of my hand is covered in flour or grease or something) but that's a small price to pay.

I don't mind the look of outlets and screws in the cover plates, but I had I known that our contractor was going to put nearly all of them on just a tiny bit crooked, I would happily have paid extra money to make sure they'd be straight...

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When we moved into our present house there was a plug half way up the living room wall and in the bedrooms hall. I was like why would someone put plugs half way up a wall and i said they were coming out. It was a custom built home by a previous owner. Then I found out why they were there. No bending behind furniture to plug in the vacuum. They are placed that I can sweep the whole entertaining area and the bedrooms with only plugging the vacuum in one time. If I ever move again I am having them put in. Yes I have carpet and not hard floor. I live in a area where it is colder than warmer most of the year. Carpet is warmer on the feet. Of course not in the kitchen or baths.

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To be happier, sometimes it's all about the mindset. Have realistic and positive goals and then always look at the bright side of things.

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