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Marjie1059, thank you.
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About labeling containers. Found that a couple of Sharpie markers kept in the kitchen can be used to write on plastic (including Ziploc bags), glass, metal (canning lids), etc. Water resistant but easily removed with alcohol (keep a small container under the sink and wet a paper towel). Keeps from confusing salt and sugar in morning coffee!

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Re; labels, dollar store chalk board stick on labels that you can use chalk to write on

baskets for perishables, use cloth liner so that if something goes bad before you notice you can take the liner and wash it or replace it and the mold etc doesn't go into the basket

Really like the practicality of this article

Question, seeing pantries that consist of roll out shelves (drawers) behind doors, any reason to not just have a bank of drawers, eliminating the double closure?


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