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We love a formal dining room. We have six daughters every Sunday we have a formal dinner with china. We eat wonderful food, laugh, share events of the week and enjoy each others company. The rest of the week it's a place for homework or research or luncheon. Many memories have been made in our dining room. It's the one room I won't live without.
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When we bought our first house I found a DR set that I just HAD to have. A big expense at that time. Hubby said "Well. It's that or a new car.". Still have the DR set in a new older house. And I still love it.
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Agree that the DR is special whether "used"frequently or not. Sometimes it's the only room in the house that can remain peaceful and calm. I love the feeling I get walking by it to open the front door for guests. I also agree with updating/changing accessories with seasons or mood, keeping it less cluttered to fit with today's design styles. I just love having a place to have special dinners without having to rearrange my whole house. Those dinners might be very casual, simple fare....but treated graciously. Just watch the tension release from the faces of those sitting there when you add soft lighting, candles, soft music to the simplest of foods or even tea/cookies. I say keep it simple but elegant and it will truly last a lifetime of style changes and be an oasis of comfort for not only your eyes as you manage your home but welcome friends. Also agree wholeheartedly with the comment about the fancy expansive kitchens. Beautiful, but still the place where food is washed, chopped, prepared with all the accompanying neccessities. Yet, as someone stated, our eating habits have not made us healthier over the years. Perhaps the focus is in the wrong place. I have a lovely kitchen...but I'm glad that it is not the "main" point of my home. So happy to see everyone's opinion on this.

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