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Greenbrook Design Center

Beautiful farmhouse bathroom! See more on our Houzz page or website. Farm House renovation

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The first one reminds me so much of my great Aunt Lib's bath. Her name was Elizabeth, but we called her Lib. One of her sisters was Hattie, but everyone called her Hat. Another sister was my grandmother, Ida Myrtle. Gotta love those old- fashioned names. It was an ancient house, so the bath had been added on, probably from part of her huge bedroom. I was 13 when she died, so I'm not sure. She was quite a character. She never married. She crocheted constantly and left my sister, whose middle name was Elizabeth, an enormous crocheted bedspread, bigger than king size. Her entire upstairs was let to a renter and she was OCD clean. After every visit she pulled out the vacuum and began cleaning as we were saying goodbye. She took in laundry to make a living. She never learned to read, but she was no dummy. She was born before 1880 and times were very different. She regretted not learning to read, so she willed her house to the town to be used as a library. My mother and her older sister both had very high IQs, skipped some grades because of being so far ahead of the other students, had their master's degrees in Education, and taught school for 40 years. Therefore, the rest of the family was highly educated. The house was right in the middle of main street of the town where my mom grew up. There is still a library there, but it's a newer one since Aunt Lib's home had to be torn down eventually.

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Robbie Potter

Charming story, thank you!


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